Board Form Concrete Tile

Are you looking for some ideas on how to achieve a unique and elegant interior? Do you want to experiment with modern design concepts that will not cost beyond your set budget? You may also prefer decorative materials but unsure which of them will look best when installed in your home or commercial property. Don't fret since there is a perfect solution to your concerns. Choose board form concrete tile as one of the primary materials for your home remodeling project. Read more about Board Form Concrete Tile »

Custom Concrete Fire Pits

One of the best ways to improve your outdoor living experience is to install fire features in strategic spots on your property. Since these features provide comfort and warmth, staying outdoors during cold days and nights is always possible. These are also great spots for outdoor activities with friends, family bonding, and relaxation. Among the fire features that you should have is the fire pit. Most property owners choose this fire amenity for its outstanding benefits and qualities! Read more about Custom Concrete Fire Pits»

Custom Concrete Countertops

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are typical examples of home improvement projects. The renovation may involve installing new cabinetry, repainting walls, replacing old floor tiles, installing new decors, and other similar tasks. But one area that homeowners often overlook is the countertop. Countertops must be in excellent condition because of their vital functions in the kitchen and bathroom. You need to replace your countertop if it’s outdated, damaged or looking dull. Custom concrete countertops are your best options since they are made to fit your specifications! Read more about Custom Concrete Countertops »

Cast Concrete

Concrete is widely used in residential and commercial construction due to its versatility, durability, and affordability. However, the traditional way of installing concrete has some disadvantages that contractors and homeowners hate. When poorly done, it can affect the overall build quality of the concrete structure. The good thing is that there is another method that can be used to build concrete structures and amenities. Opt for cast concrete if your project will allow the installation of precast materials. But keep in mind that you need a company that specializes in this method! Read more about Cast Concrete »

Venetian Plaster Wall Finishes

At Walls N Effects we believe that there are many benefits to the installation of Venetian plaster wall finishes for any property. Some of these benefits include versatility, design flexibility, cost-effectiveness, durability, efficient timing, flexibility and ease of repair. If you think that Venetian Plaster is what you have been thinking of then don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation! Read more about Venetian Plaster Wall Finishes »

Venetian Plaster

Let us provide you with some valuable information on Venetian plaster. This could be the wall finish that you have been dreaming of for your property. We here at Walls N Effects provide our residential and commercial clients with premium Venetian plastering services that will give your home or place of business that classic look and feel. So let us make your property a unique masterpiece! Read more about Venetian Plaster »

Faux Finishes

Here at Walls N Effects we have the knowledge and the skills to provide you with a wide range of faux wall finishes for your residential or commercial property. Allow us to give your property that unique look like none other. We pride ourselves on providing professional and efficient services that leave our clients feeling delighted and completely satisfied with our decorative wall finishes. Read more about Faux Finishes »

Decorative Walls

When it comes to creating walls that can catch everyone’s attention, no other company does it better than Walls n Effects. For years, we have specialized in creating stunning decorative walls that adorn offices, restaurants, hotels, and private residences across California. We have made countless clients happy with the quality of our walls and the professionalism with which we complete every project. Read more about Decorative Walls »

Plaster Walls

Plasters are still regarded as among the top materials to decorate walls because of their excellent aesthetic qualities and durability. There are also so many design possibilities with plaster, and you can expect effortless installation when you use plaster to decorate your walls. And when it comes to installing plaster walls in homes, hotels, offices, restaurants, and other areas, we are the best people that you can hire. Read more about Plaster Walls »

Concrete Services

We can achieve different finishes for plaster walls, depending on what the client wants. Whether it’s for interior areas in residential properties or exterior spots in commercial establishments, clients are assured of the best-looking walls courtesy of our crews. Read more about Concrete Services »
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