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Sleek and contemporary. Time-tested and traditional. Hand crafted and elegant. Because every designer’s vision is unique, we design and produce matchless concrete creations and plaster wall finishes to meet the most demanding requirements of homeowners, interior designers and decorators.

Whether it’s a sink, a ceiling, a counter, an entryway or a fountain, our organic concrete and plaster products become the focal point of your vision. Working with high strength, durable and versatile products, our artisans create interior spaces with warmth, depth and individuality.

Walls n Effects is a laboratory, a studio and a factory under one roof. We design and build premier concrete products using the finest materials, custom selected for each application. We formulate our plasters and concretes with top-quality components to achieve effects of integrity. Metallic, Venetians, clays and concretes in all colors and textures — we use only authentic, natural products.

Old World Plasters

Walls surround us. They define our spaces and reflect our design sense. Why settle for painted, textured drywall? At Walls n Effects, we transform your blank walls into European-style works of art. We use Venetian plasters to create surfaces with color, texture and depth. Nearly waterproof, their Italian lime base and natural aggregate composition means that they seldom crack and are naturally mold-resistant. And as in their namesake city, Venetian plasters tolerate high moisture climates extremely well.

In the old world trade of Venetian plaster many terms are bandied about, including Italian plaster, architectural plaster, old world plaster, polished plaster and even decorative stucco. One word that should not be uttered and does not describe Venetian plaster is “faux.” This French word means “false” — a completely inappropriate way to describe Venetian plaster. With our plaster, you get genuine, old world products applied by artisans as they have been for hundreds of years.

Organic Concrete Products

Have you seen one too many stainless sinks? Are you looking for something special—something warm, natural and beautiful? We design and fabricate handmade custom concrete tables, counters, sinks, fire pits, fireplace surrounds, fountains, planters, custom architectural elements and more. You select from dozens of colors, textures and surface-enhancing additives. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

We fabricate our custom concrete products using wood and foam forms we build by hand in our shop. When the form is complete, we mix a high-strength, custom batch of concrete to meet your individual color and texture requirements. This piece-by-piece approach to pour forms and concrete formulas ensures that your concrete product is always a unique, one-off creation.

The Art and The Artisans

Browse our portfolio and you’ll see that every Walls n Effects project is a custom job. We urge you to think of our completed projects as a jumping off point where we can begin to work together to bring your own ideas to life. You’ll see that we’re not just contractors or technicians, we’re artisans. We combine top-quality materials, unique ideas and old-world craftsmanship together to create concrete and plaster products that express your distinct design sense. When you say, “What if?” we answer with “We can!”
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